Proudly serving the citizens of South Bend, Indiana

Working Together With You To Strengthen Our City of South Bend

In 2019, South Bend Common Councilman Oliver Davis (D-6th) is seeking to become the 33rd Mayor of the City of South Bend, Indiana.

Currently serving in his 11th year on the South Bend Common Council, Oliver Davis is a staple within the community. A few issues in which Davis is focusing his effort towards are:

  • Building ties between South Bend and the community schools.
  • Strengthening ties between public safety and South Bend youth and families.
  • Forming positive relationships between South Bend and neighborhood initiatives.
  • Fostering economic development between South Bend and specifically the 6th District.
  • Establishing effective communication methods between The City of South Bend and its residents.
South Bend is the epitome of a transformation. The goal of all our community, safety, infrastructure, and economic work is for our residents to thrive in all of our neighborhoods. Through extraordinary perseverance, achievement, and innovation, Oliver Davis fully expects the city of South Bend to continue to blossom into one of the premier cities in the Midwest.
Oliver Davis, South Bend Council Member